Dental Trauma can be very painful for both children and adults. A large percentage of children experience dental trauma at some stage in their lives. Traumatized teeth are an emergency as delayed treatment often leads to unsuccessful outcomes.

Baby Teeth

If a baby tooth has been displaced in the mouth or has fallen out due to an impact injury, do not attempt to re-position the tooth or re-insert the tooth in the gum socket as this may cause damage to the underlying permanent teeth.

It is important to check that the child can open and close their jaw normally and also deliver some form of pain relief.

Call immediately for an emergency dental appointment. If you are unable to contact us, visit the hospital emergency department for treatment.


Adult Teeth

  • Displaced Tooth: Attempt to gently re-position the tooth promptly after the injury. Attempt to hold the tooth in the correct position for a few minutes and call immediately for a dental appointment.
  • Avulsed Tooth (knocked out): If a tooth has been completed knocked out, be careful to only handle the tooth by the crown portion. Attempt not to touch the root surface or scrub the tooth. The tooth can be rinsed with sterile saline or milk and reinserted into the socket immediately and a prompt dental visit is required.The tooth can also be stored in a container of milk until for a few minutes for your dentist to re-insert the tooth in its socket.
  • Fractured Tooth: The fractured tooth portion should be stored in milk and brought to your dentist for examination and possible reattachment. Frequently, a nerve in the tooth may be exposed, and prompt treatment is required.